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Merriam-webster's Elementary Dictionary

Merriamwebsters Elementary Dictionary

The book has 824 pages. Even though reading is a thing which everyone of almost any age will enjoy, you will discover certainly lots of ways in which you may make the thrill significantly better. Some people proclaim they don't have enough time to read, nevertheless reading is yet another effective utilization of time, especially with the proper child's dictionary. View these tips and you should really like reading a lot more.

Merriam Webster

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An all-new edition with the crucial dictionary for children grades 3-5, ages 8-11, with over 36,000 entries. Expanded usage sentences and phrases contain over 1,300 quotes from classic and contemporary children's literature. Special sections include geographical terms, signs and symbols, word roots, in addition to a list of literary works used within the text. Additional attributes contain hundreds of new, colorful illustrations, photographs, and diagrams: word history and synonym paragraphs; pronunciation paragraphs for each letter; child-friendly usage hints; and Greek and Latin word root paragraphs to help spelling and vocabulary creating.


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