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Judy Moody Salva El Planeta (judy Moody Saves The World) (judy Moody (quality)) (spanish Edition)

Judy Moody Salva El Planeta

Kids love Judy Moody Salva El Planeta by Megan McDonald. The author is Megan McDonald and it was published on the 1st of August, 2004 by Alfaguara Infantil / Juvenil. The book is 174 pages long. Obtain a copy of this book, visit our partners via the link below.

Alfaguara Infantil / Juvenil

ISBN: 159437838X
Author: Megan McDonald

Where would the globe be with out Judy Moody? So, never one to take things lying down, Judy Moody gets on the case! Her class is studying in regards to the environment, and Judy is startled to learn about the destruction with all of the rainforest and the endangered species in her personal backyard, not to mention her personal family's crummy recycling habits. This time she's inside the mood to whip the planet into shape.


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