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Judy Moody Predicts The Future

Judy Moody Predicts The Future

The author is Megan Mc Donald / Peter H. Reynolds and it was published by Candlewick. This kids book was available sometime in 2010. The book is 162 pages long. Buy a copy of this book, check out our store button below.


Author: Megan Mc Donald / Peter H. Reynolds

The fourth book in Megan Mc Donald's wonderfully goofy Judy Moody series will leave fans wondering whether or not the most irrepressible third-grader in Class 3T just might have ESP.) (That's either Extra Special Powers, or Extra-Special Skink Powers--in the case of skink-hunting with Judy's brother Stink.

Our soon-to-be-psychic heroine slurps down seven bowls of cereal one morning before discovering what she seeks:"A ring!"Testing out her possibly prescient ring-powers, though, needs all sorts of experimentation--and working through some"burnt-toast"black moods before transforming entirely into"Madame M for Moody. A silver ring with an oogley center."A mood ring!

Judy remains her ebullient self all through this fourth installment, regardless of"a blucky old math-test,"a run-in with her self-assured rival from the last book (" Jessica Finch probably ate fractions for breakfast: 1/4 glass of orange juice, 1/2 piece of toast, 3/4 jar of strawberry jelly! ") Who wrote this dictionary anyway? ") , along with a spelling test that doesn't quite generate the grade she predicts. And zig and zag sure seemed like two words to her. (" Judy didn't see why tor-tee-yah had any l's at all. Mrs. Merriam and Mr. Webster were going to hear from her.

But by far the biggest surprise that Judy Moody struggles to predict is what a visit from the mysterious crayon lady Ms. Tater might really mean. Might there truly be little Tater-Todds in her teacher's future? Could her predictions prove prophetic once once again? And why is Mr. Todd acting so weird? (Ages 6 to 10) --Paul Hughes


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