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Judy Moody Goes To Hollywood: Behind The Scenes With Judy Moody And Friends (judy Moody Movie Tie-in)

Judy Moody Goes To Hollywood Behind

A behind the scenes look to the new "Judy Moody and the NOT bummer summer" movie, including interviews, photographs and more.
Judy Moody Goes To Hollywood: Behind is a must own kids book. Written by Megan McDonald and the publisher is Candlewick Press. This book became available sometime in 2011. This version is the 1st ed. of the children book has 160 pages and it includes colorfully illustrated pages, click the link below.

Candlewick Press

Model: FBA-|301388
ISBN: 0763655511
Author: Megan McDonald

A way-behind-the-scenes look at a movie set with Judy Moody and friends! Get an insider s view of certain effects, costumes, bloopers, what actors do when they re not on set, and more. Thrill-o-rama! They go deep underground to discover all sorts of weird, wonderful, and far-out facts about making and becoming in movies. Sneak onto the set inside the Judy Moody movie with Judy, Stink, Rocky, Frank Pearl, Amy Namey, even Mouse, and some new characters.


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